Maintaining membership for community organisations is challenging, and the Youngtown Rotary Club is no different from countless service organisations world wide. The relentless passage of time inevitably means that we are all aging, and not as active as we  once were. Our numbers dwindle from “natural attrition” if for no other reason!

New members are vital to our club as to any organisation.

We have a wealth of experience built up over years in community service, fund raising, in problem solving and empowering youth in the community. We take much pride in mentoring and sharing the insights we have developed over the years. Rotary International is a unique organisation which espouses high ideals in terms of personal growth and integrity, and that the communities we live in are better for our involvement.

If you would like to get involved, we would welcome you. Send us an email  

Please introduce yourself to us… come along  to our meetings, check us out. 

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