Notice Board

Recently, Simon Aufder-Heide, the Program Officer for CANTEEN, spoke to the club.
For those unfamiliar with the work of CANTEEN, it is an organisation to assist people between the ages of 12 and 25 years who are impacted by cancer. This means that they may have cancer themselves or quite often they have lost a family member or friend through cancer. There are 23,000 young people impacted by cancer each year in Australia. Around 50 per month are helped through CANTEEN in Tasmania alone. 16% are patients who have cancer themselves. When cancer strikes everyone deals with it in their own way. Some become quiet and reclusive while others appear to shrug it off more easily. Whatever way it is dealt with CANTEEN is there to help them cope with how they feel, think, how it affects their relationships as well as coping with school or University studies and jobs.
They are offered peer support, counselling, online support and information, understanding medical treatments specifically for young patients, just to list a few of the areas of help that is available.
The sale of bandannas is one of the fund raising items they sell, as well as pens and badges etc.

To learn more or give a donations please visit their website